Step into munterfel’s vibrant universe! 🌈 We are Aline, Ida, Laurenz, and Leo – the dynamic quartet behind munterfel. 🎤 In our music, we explore diversity, otherworldliness, courage, but also social awkwardness and anxiety. 🌌🎶 We want to make music for everyone, regardless of gender and background. 🌍

Our sound fuses different pop identities, seamlessly blending synths, drum computers, acoustic double bass, and vocals. 🎹🥁🎻🎤 We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient, learning, producing, and mixing for a truly unique musical identity. 🎧

Introducing our latest single “Runaway.” set to be unleashed on May 24th! ⚠️Brace yourself for a journey through the realms of romance and independence.🌬️ We’ve taken those cheesy lyric clichés and turned them on their head, crafting a track that celebrates love’s wild ride while embracing the power of individuality🍌

We also just released our first live-session on youtube, featuring an all-new song as well as a totally different version of our oldest song! 🎥

Stay munter, stay tuned for more from munterfel. 🎶✨